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  Original and Beautiful Textural Wall Art

Wall art has a way of bringing life and movement to a room. It can be perfect for a home, office, or public space. Wall art is easy to display and is a great way to bring emotion and beauty into a space that might otherwise feel barren and empty. Wall art can be made of any medium including easily hung sculptures, canvass, or even mixed mediums created from recycled materials. Created by Carolyn Johnson, the Carolyn Johnson Gallery is proud to offer a wide range of art to bring serenity, peace, and beauty into your personal or public space. With a creative eye and a passion for art Carolyn Johnson has a range of artworks available for purchase so that you can have an element of beauty added to your home or office too.

While there are many options for various types of art to hang on the wall, one of the more popular mediums is canvas art. This is usually a two dimensional piece of artwork that is created on canvas material. Canvas has the ability to hold just about any medium including acrylic and oil paint, as well as a variety of textured materials like resin. Canvas can be made to fit any size, and usually stands about two inches away from the wall. Canvas art can also be used with or without a frame, which is entirely up to the preferences and tastes of the buyer. Usually, canvas art is very lightweight, making it an excellent choice for large or oversized paintings and pieces of artwork. While Carolyn Johnson has a range of artistic pieces available, a vast majority of her artwork is made on canvas. This allows for versatility, originality, and customization of your very own original selected from the Carolyn Johnson Gallery of art.

What really sets Carolyn Johnson artwork apart from anything else is her ability to create textural wall art. While most canvas paintings are flat, utilizing oil or acrylic paint, the artwork created by Carolyn Johnson is textural. This means that many of her pieces of art, even her canvas art, has a three dimensional effect. She is able to create this by adding in a variety of mixed mediums to her canvas artworks. Many of the textural wall art pieces created by Carolyn Johnson include resin, a three dimensional material that allows the artist to create depth and movement, while still being lightweight and relatively flat. To see the originality and beauty created by Carolyn Johnson, visit the Carolyn Johnson Gallery to have the chance to purchase your own original piece of artwork.

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