Surfboard Art

Eco-Friendly Contemporary Surfboard Art

Our world faces an environmental crisis. The temperature is warming, oceans and beaches are filled with mounds of trash and debris, and biodiversity is decreasing at an alarming rate. Anything we can do to help in this situation is critical, and that includes taking every chance to reuse and recycle materials.  

Not only is this true in your day to day home life, but this can be applied to art as well. Carolyn Johnson is passionate about the environment and works to blend salvaged materials to capture the majesty and beauty of the ocean. Her recycled wall art is the perfect chance to bring an element from the beach into a beautiful work of contemporary art. 

One of Carolyn’s most-used mediums is her recycled surfboard art. Her process takes a surfboard that is no longer in use and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind piece. Nothing speaks to the restfulness and fun the beach can offer like a visage of the seaside, painted directly on a surfboard. Each one bears its own colors, layers, and patterns, all reminiscent of the beautiful and calming ocean. 

No two painted surfboards are exactly alike, and the entire collection is produced in very limited numbers. Have the opportunity to have an original and unique piece of art on a completely recycled and different art medium. Carolyn Johnson is able to find beauty and life in just about any material. Perfect for any room of the house, Carolyn Johnson's surfboard art is a way to bring some peacefulness, vibrancy, and personality to your home or office. Connect with the aspects of the beach that you love by purchasing an eco-friendly piece of contemporary artwork for yourself.