Recycled Wall Art

  Eco-Friendly Recycled Wall Art

Everyday the world is facing an environmental crisis. The temperature is warming, oceans and beaches are becoming subject to mounds of trash and debris, and animals and nature are disappearing by the minute. One opportunity to help improve the dire situation is to take every chance to reuse and recycle materials. Not only is this true in your day to day life in your home, but this can be applied to art as well. Carolyn Johnson is passionate about the environment and works to blend elements from the sea and beach into her one of a kind artworks. Her recycled wall art is the perfect chance to bring an element from the beach into a beautiful work of art. Recycled wall art takes advantage of the reuse and recycle mentality, helping to make an eco-friendly art choice.

One of her most popular recycled art mediums is her recycled surfboard art. This art form takes a surfboard that is no longer in use. Rather than discarding the surfboard, adding to the mountain of trash on the Earth, Carolyn Johnson creates one of kind recycled surfboard art. These surfboards are cleaned, painted, textured, and beautified to create one of a kind pieces of art. Nothing speaks to the restfulness and fun the beach can offer like a seaside surfboard piece of art. Display in your home, office, or public space to help brighten and enhance any room. The recycled surfboard art available in the Carolyn Johnson Gallery comes in many different colors, prints, and patterns, all reminiscent of the beautiful and calming ocean.

Surfboard art is original and one of a kind. There are no two painted surfboards alike, and there are certainly very few surfboards available for purchase. Have the opportunity to have an original and unique piece of art on a completely recycled and different art medium. Carolyn Johnson is a visionary and is able to find beauty and life in just about any material. Combining her passion for the ocean with her love of art she has been able to create original surfboard art. Perfect for any room of the house, Carolyn Johnson's surfboard art is a way to bring some frivolity, liveliness, and personality to your home or office. Connect with the aspects of the beach that you love by purchasing an eco-friendly, recycled piece of artwork for yourself.


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