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We all take pride in our homes. It is a place where we can relax and unwind at the end of the day. A place to keep us safe and sheltered, while providing an opportunity to express our own personal tastes and preferences. It makes sense that you take pride in the home decor added to your home. If you are searching for something unique for your home, the home decor created by Carolyn Johnson is a great choice for you. Not only does the Carolyn Johnson home decor add an element of peacefulness, with her calming colors and soothing images, but she provides something unique and different for you to display. She has the ability to create one of a kind canvases, or innovative and unique surfboard and skateboard art as well. Have something that will keep people talking with original home decor available at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery.

While everyone certainly has unique preferences and tastes, one of the most common and popular options for wall decor is canvas artwork. Typically, wall decor is made of oil or acrylic paint manipulated in a way to create beautiful images. Carolyn Johnson not only uses these traditional mediums for her wall decor, but also adds in a textural element. By combining resin with traditional paint, Carolyn Johnson is able to create some truly original, and dimensional wall decor for your home or office. Display a one of a kind art piece in your home or office. Bring the elements of the seaside and the ocean to your home with a soothing, creative, and innovative option for wall decor available at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery.

Canvas paintings are a great choice for many homes and offices and come with several benefits. First, canvas artwork is typically lightweight and easy to hang. This makes it an excellent choice for oversized or very large paintings. Mounting brackets are usually very simple, and many people are able to install and hang even large canvas paintings in their home by themselves. Canvas can also be left plain, with the corners simply wrapped, or mounted with a floating frame surrounding the canvas. This allows your canvas to become a piece of framed wall art. Choose a frame that matches the rest of your home decor, or something that will truly allow your image to stand out. Framed wall art is a wonderful way to give even more personality and personal touch to your one of a kind piece of art from Carolyn Johnson. Browse the available canvas pieces at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery to find just the right image for your personal tastes and preferences.

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