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  Calm and Soothing Coastal Art

There is nothing more relaxing than a trip to the seaside. The soothing smell of the crisp salt air. The relaxing sounds of the crashing waves. The peacefulness and beauty of the world around you simply has a way of energizing the soul and relaxing the mind. It is no wonder then why people will travel far and wide to take a vacation at the beach. If only there was a way to capture the feel of the ocean and the memories formed at the beach to take home with you following a wonderful vacation. Carolyn Johnson makes this possible with her coastal art. With a range of art options available in the Carolyn Johnson Gallery, select a piece of coastal art that truly speaks to you. Each piece of art is completely original, offering a unique chance to own a one of a kind piece of artwork from a talented and creative artist like Carolyn Johnson.

The available ocean art has a way of capturing the feel of the beach. Each ocean art piece is original, combining a variety of mediums within the artwork. Carolyn Johnson specializes in textural art, blending traditional art mediums such as oil and acrylic paints, with non-traditional mediums for canvas such as resin. This allows her to create one of a kind artworks that not only have beautiful colors and movement, but also include an original feel and texture to them. The ocean art created by Carolyn Johnson is featured on traditional canvas, as well as on non-traditional surfaces too. She is able to create beautiful and unique ocean art on surfboards and skateboards as well. Not only is this an eco-friendly choice, utilizing recycled materials, but it is a unique and innovative way to create a fun and lively conversational art piece to proudly display in your home.

A popular image shared around the art world is an ocean wave. There is something unique about each and every wave, but yet each wave continues where the last left off in perpetuity. Waves are calming to watch and soothing to listen to. If you are trying to bring back a piece of your cherished vacation wave art might be the best choice for you. The Carolyn Johnson Gallery has several wave art pieces to choose from, providing a calming and soothing piece of art for your home. Wave art is all unique and original, just as each crashing wave is different. Browse the available wave art pieces at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery and explore the soothing blue, green, gray, and white paintings that will bring a calmness to your home or office.


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