Bedroom Wall Art

The Perfect Bedroom Wall Art

Many people escape to the bedroom at the end of the day to unwind for the night. It's important to get a restful night sleep, and wake up ready and recharged for a new day. Using soothing and relaxing bedroom wall art can help to create a relaxing environment to allow your mind to settle after a long day. The Carolyn Johnson Gallery is proud to offer several different pieces of art that work well as bedroom wall art. Choose from canvas paintings, surfboard art, or even skateboard art. All of the art pieces feature soothing and relaxing images of coastal life and ocean images. There is a range of images with waves, abstract patterns reminiscent of the water, or calming nature images. Bedroom wall art can help to completely transform a space and allow your brain to relax at the end of the day.

Carolyn Johnson works in many different mediums, including mediums that allow for additional texture and dimension. While she uses acrylic and oil paints regularly, she is also well versed in resin paintings. These resin paintings allow the same colors and images to be represented, but bring an element of texture and movement to the piece of art. Resin gives the image a three dimensional aspect that brings interest and excitement to the various pieces of art. The Carolyn Jonson Gallery has several resin paintings available for purchase so that you are able to find just the right artwork for your home. Select from a traditional canvas or an innovative and unique painted surfboard or skateboard.


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